AutoFoam Unleashed


What is AutoFoam?
AutoFoam is both Chassis Stiffening and Soundproofing in ONE Solution.

What can I expect from AutoFoam?
A Smoother, Quieter & Comfortable Ride with Sharper & Agile Handling.

AF is an Automotive Foam that employs a two part Catalytic-curing formula that will expand and harden to a Ultra-Lightweight ‘CLOSED CELL’ semi rigid structural foam.

Closed-cell foam differs in that all of its tiny foam cells are closed and packed together. They are filled with a gas that helps the foam rise and expand and become a greater insulator.” – Industrial Foam Specialist. 

AutoFoam’s unique and special properties…

1). Two-Part Catalytic Curing = No Shrinkage.
A specially formulated catalyst is used for exothermic (heat) curing of the foam in the recesses of the car’s chassis. This ensures consistent and complete curing of the foam and will NOT shrink over the car’s lifetime.

2). Water-proof.
AutoFoam cures to a closed-celled structural foam that is NON hygroscopic i.e. does not absorb and retain moisture.

3). Ultra-Rigid with Energy Absorption.
AutoFoam’s special semi-rigid structural formula and density helps increases the car’s chassis rigidity and yet absorbs energy and crumples under impact for added safety.

4). Ultra-Lightweight. Adds around 3 kg (yes, that’s all!)  for a complete treatment to a family sedan.

5). Fire-Retardant.  B2 DIN standards

af impact2

Strong yet….absorbs energy during impact. This is one of AUTOFOAM‘s many unique properties. A 5 gram AutoFoam “pie” easily supports our buddy’s full 90kg frame. Thanks, Nik for being our model.

Why AutoFoam?

The main benefit of AutoFoam is to reduce chassis twist and flex. To enjoy this fantastic benefit, the product has to be of a certain density and structural strength.

Stiffening the chassis is the single most important aspect in making a car handle better whilst dramatically improving Ride Comfort and Noise Insulation at the same time. ( Refer to our FAQ to understand how a strengthened chassis can improve your ride.)

That is why every car manufacturer claims their new model’s chassis is more rigid and stronger than the previous model.

Foam treatment is a One-time application.
AUTOFOAM @ KLAUTO is your guarantee to life-time satisfaction.

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