AWAS: The Dangers of AutoFOAM


MX5 Club Malaysia Member, Jameson Liu gives his take on AutoFOAM, and why having the AutoFOAM upgrade to handling, ride comfort and stability could perhaps



Don’t do AutoFOAM if you love your life.                                                                                 Here are my complaints about AutoFOAM:

  1. The ride became so stable that when I drove fast, it didn’t feel as though the whole car is gonna fall apart. Can push 140 feeling like 90. Very dangerous! Make me speed a lot.
  2. When counter steering, even when I snapped the steering back, the car didn’t lose balance. It became more point and turn. VERY DANGEROUS. Makes me take corners at high speeds without losing balance.
  3. When going over bumps and potholes, before the treatment I felt like the whole car might snap into multiple pieces. Now, while I can still feel what my tires are doing, I feel it less in my bum. Very obvious difference when I was driving on tiled roads. VERY DANGEROUS! Makes me go fast regardless of road condition!

So in conclusion, please, if you value your life, don’t do it.

But if you wanna drive with more confidence…                                                                        10/10 would recommend.

Jameson Liu,
Mazda MX5
Spirited member of MX5 Club Malaysia.



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