AutoFoam Benefits

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How Can AutoFoam Improve my Handling?

Today’s cars utilizes a Monocoque design that shapes the vehicle. Every critical component of the car is attached to the chassis. The engine, floorpanel, brakes, the suspension..

A stiffer chassis, in term of torsional as well as traverse & lateral rigidity allows the suspension to react quickly in any given situation as well as allow the suspension to work as the designers intended, providing the driver with better vehicle control & safety. This also translates to a much improve steering, cornering and handling characteristics & high speed stability.

autofoam honda
Transforming a family car.

How can a more rigid chassis improve my ride Comfort?

Do NOT confuse chassis rigidity with suspension stiffness.

Suspension components like Springs and absorbers need to compliant to absorb and dissipate vibrations from the tires and road..especially Low profile tires on our roads!

However, the car’s chassis, or the skeleton of the car has to be stiffer in order to resists flex and twists for a more stable and smoother ride. The stiffer chassis will have a higher natural frequency thus making energy imparted to it by bumps less likely to excite the body’s structure. As such, a stiffer non-flexing chassis transfers more force on to the suspension where it can be dissipated by the Springs & Shocks instead of transferring the force to the occupants. Benefits are a Smoother, Tighter & Quieter ride.


AF when injected into the chassis will expand & fill up the cars hollow structures. AF with its specific densities will then …

A) Strenghten & Stiffen the cars structure and improve Torsional rigidity.
This will then drastically reduce chassis twist & flex. A stronger chassis will also transfer more energy away from the cars body. Thus you will enjoy…

~ Tighter & Tauter Ride.
~ Sharper & more Agile Handling.
~ Reduce Body Roll & Hop.
~ Improved Steering Response.

B) Seals off hollow sections, NVH ( Noise, Vibration, Harshness ) is blocked out & absorbed.
~ Absorbs road Vibrations & Harshness for a drastically improved Ride.
~ Blocks out Noise, Dust & Moisture.
~ Absorbs Structure Borne vibrations & noise for a luxury comfort.
~ Helps reduce Body, Drive-train Creaks & Groans.

saladin rally car with autofoam
Even Professional Teams use AUTOFOAM …

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